What is Alpha-2 Macroglobulin?

Alpha-2 Macroglobulin (α2M) is a naturally occurring molecule in the horse’s bloodstream.

How does Alpha-2 Macroglobulin Work?

α2M is the body’s natural defense against cartilage breakdown, joint pain, and inflammation. But, due to its large size, α2M cannot enter the joint or disc space in large enough quantities to be effective. It’s there, but it can’t get to the site that needs relief.

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How Can You Take Advantage of Alpha-2 Macroglobulin?

Astaria Global has patented the first and only AlphaActive™ Concentration Process. It isolates and concentrates the α2M molecule for use in joint therapy. This process is specifically designed for inflammation and degeneration of joints in horses. We do this by concentrating the healing power of α2M in the highest level available on the market today.

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