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Equine Foot Secrets


When I was in school, one of my professors, Dr. Dean Richardson, always reminded me that "Everything is about ANATOMY".

The purpose of this is to get you familiarized with the most critical internal and external structures of the equine foot. Once I'll explain to you the anatomy, you will be able to identify issues and effortlessly follow the veterinarian and farrier directions on how to treat them.

Equine Regenerative Medicine


Innovative equine regenerative therapies are the need of the hour to save horses from getting overloaded with pharmaceutical agents ie drugs. There are many reasons to adopt such therapies. It is actually the ethical responsibility of the clinicians to not just only treat the patients with strong dosages of drugs but to find innovative solutions which are less harmful and safer. Many times, due to a lack of availability of the latest therapies, patients couldn’t just stay alive. It is of great concern.