PEVS is proud to announce the addition of a herd health plan to our variety of services! By placing the routine preventative medicine into the hands of your veterinarian, you can be confident that your horses are getting the best care possible. Our plan includes:

1. A vaccine schedule tailored to YOUR horses individual needs.

Yearlings, broodmares, and adult horses all have very different needs and requirements for yearly protocols. We have plans to fit your horse no matter what stage of life they are in. 

2. An annual fecal egg count. 

Research is proving that some parasites are becoming resistant to our common dewormers. By performing a fecal egg count we are able to precisely pick a dewormer based your YOUR horses current worm load!

3. Deworming medication.

According to the type of eggs we see under the microscope, we will choose and administer the wormer necessary to kill the parasites present in your horse. Gone are the days of rotating wormers every 2 months!

4. A Coggins Test.

This tests for Equine Infectious Anemia, a serious and potentially deadly disease. This test is required yearly by state law for any horse that travels.

5. A Dental Exam and Floating.

Routine dental work will allow your horses to chew more thoroughly and absorb more nutrients, which will help them maintain a healthy weight. Horses that have appropriate dentition are less likely to colic also!

I know you are probably saying to yourself, “why shouldn’t I just do all of this myself?” I’m glad you asked! If a veterinarian vaccinates your horse for a given disease, and your horse starts to show ANY clinical sign of that disease then the initial work up is free. If your horse is diagnosed with that disease, the entire treatment is FREE! The vaccine companies that supply our vaccines are so confident in their product that they will back it with this guarantee. If you buy your vaccines from a feed store, they are not backed by the company that makes them. Why risk your horses health to a company that wont even stand behind their own product?

And as if that wasn’t enough convincing, we are providing our own health guarantee! If you sign up for this herd health plan, and your horse colics while enrolled- the initial visit (including emergency hours!) is FREE! We are confident that horses who are provided with appropriate preventative care will live longer healthier lives!

 Ready to sign up? Please call or email us today to discuss the plan and pricing! 

Brothers - Dr. Alberto Rullan & William Rullan



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