Treatment of Ear Mites

Although ear mites are rare in horses, they have been known to be the culprit of head shaking or a head shy horse. Mites can be diagnosed by taking samples from inside the ear and viewing them under a microscope. Psoroptes cuniculi is the mite most commonly found in equine ears, although it is generally seen in rabbits. Once your horse has been diagnosed by your veterinarian with ear mites, You have a few treatment options! Our favorite at PEVS is a mixture of pyrethrin with ivermectin squirted directly into the ear of the horse. Another option is topical frontline administered directly on the skin inside the ear. Horses that have significant infestations of mites may be difficult to treat due to their reluctance to allow anything near their head. In this case you may need the help of sedatives administered by your veterinarian. If you feel like your horse may have ear mites please give us a call to discuss diagnoses and treatment options!

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