Alberto J. Rullan-Mayol VMD, Co-Owner

Dr. Alberto Rullan founded Performance Equine Veterinary Services in 2009. This practice focuses mainly on treating performance-related problems in horses. Dr. Rullan’s goal is to provide an accurate diagnosis in order to provide recovery with the best available treatment for horses that are not performing to their full potential.

Dr. Rullan graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine in 2006. In 2002, he received his Bachelor of Science degree from Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Rullan was assigned a one-year equine Alberto in school internship at Louisiana State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital and Clinic where he obtained advanced training in diagnostic and therapeutic techniques in equine medicine and surgery.

Dr. Rullan frequently travels to broaden his veterinary knowledge and consulting around the world. He continues his studies in equine rehabilitation, lameness diagnostics and treatment methods, and the use of stem cells and regenerative therapy in equine injury treatment and recovery. He is also active in volunteering with the Equitarian Initiative, a non-profit international organization that is dedicated to providing veterinary care to horses in less fortunate, communities and teaching basic veterinary care to the people in these communities.

William Rullan

Director of Medical Services

Willie has been working alongside his brother, Alberto J. Rullan VMD, for many years.

Janice M. Lopez Figueroa

Veterinary Technician

I was born and raised on the island of Puerto Rico. I studied at the University of Puerto Rico and graduated as a Veterinary Technician. At 18 years old, I traveled to Ocala, Florida, the city known as “The Horse Capital of the World” to meet & do an internship with the veterinary clinic Performance Equine Veterinary Services (PEVS).

As an educational/mentoring center & top voted equine clinic, I began my career here and never looked back…for the past 15 years! I am honored to share my experience with horses in this beautiful country and am proud to have been given the opportunity to develop even further in the environment of horses.

Janice currently practices as a Veterinary Technician and is dedicated to managing of the Radiographs Department at PEVS, helping others to learn and fulfill their dreams. In addition, she is part of the EPIC: Equine Performance Innovative Center team; our on-site, world renowned rehabilitation & conditioning center as well as surgery suite assisting Dr. Phil Hammock.

Analine Rivera

Veterinary Technician

My name is Analine Rivera, I am 20 years old and have been with the company on and off for the past four years. I started working as a groom and a few months after I had a bad motor vehicle accident and fractured my neck. After healing up, the day I got cleared was the day I came back and was offered the technician position. I have been on that journey ever since. I absolutely love my job and one of my favorite parts is getting horses in for long-term rehab and seeing them progress and return successfully to their jobs. I have been around horses just about my whole life and in my free time I enjoy training, and barrel racing on my horses.

Amanda Miller

Director of Administration

I was born and raised in the Florida Keys and traded my flip flops in for a pair of boots after graduating from the University of Central Florida. My family was introduced to Dr. Rullan and Willie 11 years ago when we were in a pinch visiting family in the Ocala area and needed an equine vet – and by God’s grace the Rullan Brothers came to our rescue!

At that time I never could have imagined the impact the Rullan’s would have in my life. Years later my mom got a new horse to run barrels on and shortly after getting him, it was discovered he had DDFT damage and our vet in South Florida suggested taking him back up to Performance Equine! So of course, we took him to Dr Rullan’s for his opinion and after his exam, he was ready to commit 110% to helping Mr P and that’s exactly what he did. Within 8-9 months, Mr. P was able to start working again, and within a year, he was back up and running. Through seeing how Performance Equine handled P’s journey, especially handling my mother (the horse is the easy part 🤣) but keeping my mom informed and at ease while being far away, I developed great appreciation and respect for the Rullan brothers and the clinic!

Fast forward quite a few years, I move to Ocala at a crossroad in my life. I was going through the motions in a career I was not passionate and excited about, so with some courage and a supportive fiancé, I quit the job and began searching. Around this time, my mom decided to sell Mr P and needed to do an ultrasound recheck before the sale. She thankfully hadn’t needed Dr. Rullan’s services for some time and on her way out the door I mentioned, “Hey see if Dr. Rullan needs any office help, I’m sure he doesn’t but doesn’t hurt to throw it out there.” Needless to say I was glad I had the gut feeling of mentioning something because I have now been here for 6 months and truly love what I get to do and help deliver the same caliber of service to our clients and patients that was delivered to my mom!

Leigh Lopez

Customer Care Representative

My name is Leigh Lopez. I’m your new Customer Care Representative here at EPIC/PEVS. I am married with a daughter, two dogs and one horse. Horses are my life and my passion. I was born and raised on a quarter horse farm in Ohio. Our facility was wrapped around horsemanship and barrel racing. Currently I’m a barrel racer in the greater Ocala area and a member of the National Barrel Racing Association for the state of Florida. I come with a lifetime of experience in equine, equine veterinary medicine, handling, training and showing. I’ve also worked in small animal care as well. I look forward to caring for you and your horses needs.

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