Our equine podiatrists, or simply known as hoof doctors, are tentative to your horses hoof care. A major part of the maintenance of a horse’s hoof includes trimming, resetting the shoes (if any), and regular hoof care provided by our professional farriers in Ocala FL.

Keeping a regular schedule with our Ocala equine podiatrist can help properly trimmed hooves remain balanced.  however, if left with little to no care, hooves may become imbalanced and create cracks, wall separations, and other hoof-related issues. By keeping a regular schedule and ensuring the horse has the correct support and balanced hooves, you are helping to keep your horse healthy. Regular visits will also help your horse become more comfortable with the farrier and the routine checks.

Our Practice has a podiatry center available to our clients at any time during business hours and for emergencies as well. We perform any corrective shoeing necessary for the comfort of your horse at very reasonable prices. In order to provide the best service, we count on the support of farriers highly experienced in different disciplines and breeds: thoroughbred racehorses, Paso Finos, Dressage, Driving, show jumpers, pleasure and western performance, pony breeds and more.

Our podiatry center also offers farrier wet labs several times throughout the year. In these clinics, farriers and veterinarians meet in order to learn from each other’s experiences and cases.

It is our goal to provide the best service for your horse applying the current modern techniques of shoeing.

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equine podiatrist Ocala FL

Highly capacitated farriers in agreement with us will advise you of the best corrective shoeing for a horse hoof or balance problems.

Under our client education page you can learn some of the different problems that our podiatry center works with. For example laminitis, hoof crack repairs, contracted heels, thin sole, P3 (coffin bone) fractures and more.

We also provide hoof care and shoeing for laminitic horses.

How the client, veterinarian and farrier work as a team?

1. You schedule an appointment with us and after discussing the problem with your horse, we contact the farrier informing him/her about the foot concern of your horse.

2. The four of us: your horse, you, the farrier and the veterinarian meet the day of the appointment to assess the horse and discuss the best treatment options.

3. We also offer the option to board your horse in our facilities in case the farrier has to work with the animal more than one time and/or assess the results of the treatment in the following days.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (352) 307-3690.