Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography

At Performance Equine Veterinary Services, we’re equipped with some of the latest technology in equine digital radiography. Our IDEXX EquiView® Direct Digital Laptop Radiography System is specially designed for high-quality equine X-rays. This state-of-the-art system used right here in Ocala, FL, captures detailed digital images, enhancing our diagnostic accuracy.

Key Advantages:

– High-Quality Images: The digital system provides clearer, more detailed images than traditional X-ray films.

– Quick Processing: We get the images quickly, without the old-fashioned process of developing film in a dark room.

– Instant Re-Takes: If an image isn’t perfect, we can immediately take another one, saving time and avoiding the need for additional appointments.

– Image Manipulation: We can adjust the images to focus on specific details, which is crucial for accurately diagnosing conditions like laminitis. This means we can see different parts of the bone or tissue from just one X-ray.

– Immediate Results: The digital format allows us to view the X-rays right away, even at your farm. This speedy feedback means we can discuss treatment options sooner.

– Accessible Records: All images are stored digitally and can be easily accessed on our computers or shared with you or other veterinarians.

Our advanced digital radiography system helps us diagnose and treat your horse more effectively and efficiently. For more information or to schedule an X-ray appointment in Ocala, FL, please call us at (352) 307-3690. We’re here to offer the best diagnostic care for your horse.