Pre-Purchase Exam

Pre-Purchase Exam


Investing in a horse is a significant decision, and our pre-purchase exams at Performance Equine Veterinary Services are crucial in ensuring you make an informed choice. Often undervalued, these exams are essential in preventing costly issues in the future. Our comprehensive pre-purchase exams aim to uncover any existing conditions that may affect the horse’s future performance and health, thereby minimizing the risk for the buyer. We conduct an in-depth evaluation covering all aspects of the horse’s health.


In Ocala, FL, our veterinarians are instrumental in conducting thorough pre-purchase evaluations. These examinations include:

Detailed Physical Examination: A complete assessment of the horse, checking all body systems such as the heart, airways, eyes, and the musculoskeletal system. We also examine the reproductive systems upon request.

Lameness Evaluation: We observe the horse’s gait through walking and trotting, perform flexion tests, and use lunge lines. In some cases, we also evaluate the horse under saddle.

Advanced Diagnostic Tools: At the request of the owner or buyer, we employ cutting-edge diagnostics, including digital radiographs, ultrasound, and endoscopy.

Routine Blood Work: We conduct essential screenings like CBC and chemistry to ensure a comprehensive health profile.


Identification and Vital Signs: We start by thoroughly identifying the horse and assessing its vital signs, including evaluating the eyes, teeth, and manure.

General Health Assessment: A full body inspection is performed to assess the horse’s overall skin and body condition.

Respiratory Health: Inspection, palpation, and auscultation are used to evaluate the upper and lower airways.

Musculoskeletal Evaluation: Begins with palpating the limbs, followed by observing the horse’s movement in a straight line at a walk and trot. Flexion tests and a comprehensive hoof examination are also included.

To complete the examination and accurately determine the horse’s soundness, we use radiography, ultrasonography, and endoscopy. Special packages are available for extensive radiographic assessments. All costs and estimates can be discussed during your appointment or by calling our office. If you have questions about our pre-purchase evaluations in Ocala, FL, please contact us today at (352) 307-3690.