Maggot Therapy

Maggot Therapy

Maggot Therapy at Performance Equine Veterinary Services

At Performance Equine Veterinary Services, we offer an unconventional yet highly effective treatment known as Maggot Therapy for various hoof-related diseases. This therapy, which may sound surprising, is particularly beneficial for conditions that are unresponsive to conventional medications.

Fun Fact: This method has ancient roots, used by the Mayans, various aboriginal tribes, and even by medics during Napoleon’s time for treating battlefield wounds.

Maggot Therapy Explained:

– Debridement: Maggots are extremely efficient at cleaning out necrotic (dead) tissue from wounds such as hoof abscesses or infections.

– Disinfection and Antibacterial Action: The maggots not only remove dead tissue but also disinfect the area, reducing bacterial load.

– Promoting Healing: They aid in the growth of new blood vessels, facilitating the healing process.

Modern Approach to Maggot Therapy:

– Sterile Conditions: Today, maggots used in medical treatments are bred in specialized facilities to ensure they are free from bacteria.

– Natural Enzymes: These maggots produce enzymes that specifically target and break down dead tissues, leaving healthy tissue intact.

– Application in Equine Care: We have successfully used maggot therapy to treat horses with hoof injuries and laminitis, observing significant improvements.

At Performance Equine Veterinary Services, we frequently utilize maggot therapy as part of our comprehensive approach to equine care. This treatment is a testament to our commitment to exploring all avenues of healing, particularly those that offer a natural and effective solution. If you have any questions about maggot therapy or wish to learn more about its application and benefits, please do not hesitate to contact us at (352) 307-3690. We are here to provide innovative and effective treatments to ensure the best care for your equine companions.