Our practice has some of the most advanced equine digital radiography equipment available. The state-of-the-art IDEXX EquiView® Direct Digital Laptop Radiography Systems for equine X-rays in Ocala FL. This system provides high detail digital images.
The great advantages of this system compared to the traditional film radiographs are the detail, the option of manipulation of the images, and fast processing without the need for manual development of the film using chemicals in a dark room. Inadequate images can be accepted or deleted immediately and re-taken if necessary. Second visits for image re-taking and veterinarian and client’s unnecessary time usage and expenses are eliminated. Prognosis is discussed and treatment can be immediately initiated (photo).
This technology permits us to develop the picture in such a way that with a single exposure, and then “playing” with the settings we can put detail on a particular bone, and then with further reprocessing we can put detail in another part of the bone, saving time and exposing our patients and staff to less radiation. We also can manipulate the pictures to see soft tissue and bone as well in the same image. This is very useful, for laminitic cases, because we are able to correct the image to show up any fluid or gas within the hoof capsule, without massively underexposing the bone. The results of the study can be retrieved right away on your farm. The cassette is connected by a cable to the computer which permits an instant view of the taken picture. Also due to the capacity of picture manipulation by changing contrast, brightness, and zooming, is possible to take pictures of body parts that would be difficult to obtain with regular X-rays films such as spinous processes of the back, shoulder, or pelvis of a 300 Lb foal. The images are stored on a DICOM system, enabling equine digital radiography to be visualized on any computer of the practice, or by burning a CD for the Veterinarian or the Owner.

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