Continuing the Conversation Surrounding Arthritis with Dr. Ramstrom 

Continuing the Conversation Surrounding Arthritis with Dr. Ramstrom 

Welcome back to A Stride Above! In this episode, Dr. Alberto Rullan brings Dr. Colton Ramstrom as the special guest again to further discuss equine arthritis; focusing primarily on experiences and treatments regarding arthritis affecting the upper body. Stay tuned to hear more about the effects of upper body arthritis on your horse, and exclusive advice for what products you should stay away from, from Dr. Colton Ramstrom!  

In this episode you’ll learn about: 

• How arthritis affects the upper body in your horse, specifically targeting the back and neck.  
• How to determine where the problem is located and where the arthritis is in your horse.  
•The experiences and treatments as discussed in greater depth by Dr. Colton Ramstrom regarding upper body arthritis.  
•The products that Dr. Colton Ramstrom does not recommend using for upper body arthritis in your horse.  

If you’d like to learn even more or have any further questions about equine upper-body arthritis, visit for more information! Join us here again next week for some more insightful and helpful knowledge on improving your horse’s health! Don’t forget to follow and subscribe so you stay in the loop and never miss an episode! 

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