Discussion Wrap Up on Arthritis with Dr Ramstrom 

Discussion Wrap Up on Arthritis with Dr Ramstrom 

Welcome back to A Stride Above! In this episode, Dr. Alberto Rullan wraps up the conversation about equine arthritis with Dr. Colton Ramstrom as they answer any last questions regarding equine arthritis and joint specifics that are important to know! You won’t want to miss the concluding statements from Dr. Alberto Rullan and special guest Dr. Colton Ramstrom about equine arthritis! Be sure to go back and listen to Part 1 and Part 2 if you missed them!  

In this episode you’ll learn about: 

• The overall difference between lower limb joints and sacroiliac joints and how they may affect the horse’s range of motion. 
• How to guarantee that you are in the exact and correct spot for the joint injection. 
• What blocking sacroiliac joints is, the problems that come with it, and how it affects horses.  
• All the science and research that has been put into using acupuncture and working alongside a chiropractor for your horse.  

If you’d like to learn even more or have any further questions about equine arthritis, visit https://www.albertorullan.com/ for more information! Join us here again next week for some more insightful and helpful knowledge on improving your horse’s health! Don’t forget to follow and subscribe so you stay in the loop and never miss an episode! 

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