Welcome back to A Stride Above! In this episode, Dr. Alberto Rullan will be focusing on laser therapy for horses, discussing the extensive research behind it and all the benefits that come with it! Stay tuned to get the inside scoop all about laser therapy, as well as why laser therapy might be effective for your horse’s healing process!

In this episode you’ll learn about:
• Which laser to use depending on the four classes; identifying which is most effective for your horse.
• How long to use the laser on your horse based on the overall healing process.
• Whether the laser penetrates the tissue on your horse, as well as if the muscle, tendon, and joint can be rehabilitated.
• The history behind laser therapy for horses and their benefits.

If you’d like to learn even more or have any further questions about laser therapy, visit for more information! Join us here again next week for some more insightful and helpful knowledge on improving your horse’s health! Don’t forget to follow and subscribe so you stay in the loop and never miss an episode!

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