Welcome back to A Stride Above! In this episode, Dr. Alberto Rullan introduces another equine therapy called MagnaWave, breaking down the extensive amount of research done on it and discussing all the different benefits that this therapy offers in comparison to others! Stay tuned to get the inside scoop all about MagnaWave, as well as why this therapy may be best suited for your horse’s healing journey!

In this episode you’ll learn about: 

  • What MagnaWave therapy is, and how it may be extremely beneficial for your horses’ wellness and rehabilitation. 
  • The substantial amount of research and studies put into the MagnaWave therapy. 
  • Whether or not the MagnaWave therapy is the right fit for your horse and your time.  
  • Why putting in a great amount of commitment and consistency for the MagnaWave therapy on your end is crucial to the overall success rate of your horse’s healing journey. 

If you’d like to learn even more or have any further questions about MagnaWave, visit for more information! Join us here again next week for some more insightful and helpful knowledge on improving your horse’s health! Don’t forget to follow and subscribe so you stay in the loop and never miss an episode! 

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